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Schroeder Law Group is dedicated to serving South Jersey families seeking trustworthy legal advice.  When deciding on the right attorney for your needs it is important to consider your goals, budget, and timeframe. The Schroeder Law Group offers top quality, dependable legal advice at a price you can afford, and we get things done on time. Our experienced attorneys are available to answer your questions and always make it a point to return phone calls. If you’ve had experience with other attorneys that has left you feeling undervalued and overcharged come experience the personal touch that the Schroeder Law Group has to offer.  For more than five years, attorney James Schroeder and Schroeder Law Group have provided outstanding legal services in the areas of property law, family law and municipal law with an emphasis for improving the quality of life for it’s clients.

Property law Schroeder Law Group

Real Estate

Are you underwater in your mortgage? If you are seeking guidance regarding your rights as a homeowner, considering a shorts sale, facing foreclosure and you want straight answers you have come to the right place. Our office has created a one-hour consultation; during which we will answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make sound decisions about your financial future. The consultation is $250 for one-hour and there is no pressure or obligation to hire our law firm. Make an investment that will pay immediate and lasting dividends by setting up your appointment; call (609) 270-7590 or click here.

Family law at Schroeder Law Group

Family Law

Are you experiencing a divorce or considering divorce? Schroeder Law Group can provide you with a divorce lawyer who can explain your options and help you decide what to do next. You want not only an attorney but an advocate who knows the law and will fight for your rights while treat you with compassion and respect. Divorce has a tremendous impact on your family and our attorneys and staff know this personally. Schroeder Law Group provides offers a $250, one-hour consultation to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to confidently move forward. Call (609) 270-7590 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Municipal law at Schroeder Law Group

Municipal Law

Schroeder Law Group dedicated to providing the best representation possible for communities throughout southern New Jersey. We advise municipalities regarding local land use, zoning and development as well as community development and redevelopment projects. We counsel elected officials and municipal employees about labor and workplace issues. Schroeder Law Group is proud to have successfully defended municipalities and counties in litigation involving: police use of force, allegations of civil rights violations, negligence, involuntary commitment and public contracting. Call (609) 270-7590 or click here for information.

Atlantic County Municipal Court - Schroeder Law Group

Municipal Court

Going to court is never an easy task and you’ve probably heard your fair share of advice from friends and family. You want to walk away from this situation with your freedom and as little damage to your reputation as possible. But, how do you know the best way mend legal trouble? You may not want to hire an attorney, but considering the penalties you may be facing, you may want to invest some time into speaking to an attorney that has spoken to municipal judges countless times. Our experienced attorneys will help you consider all your options and move on. Call (609) 270-7590 or click here for information.

South Jersey nonprofit law - Schroeder Law Group

Nonprofit Leadership

We have the utmost respect for the people who dedicate their time and sacrifices for the greater good. At Schroeder Law Group, our attorneys have a deep understanding of nonprofit work and a knowledge of the law to give your organization the guidance it needs; whether its beginning, expanding or dissolving. We can help your organization with the planning stages of nonprofit creation through the composition of a board, bylaws, incorporation and achieving the recognition of a not-for-profit by the state of New Jersey. After becoming established, we can help you create a path for growth and success. Call (609) 270-7590 or click here for information.