Nonprofit Leadership

There are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States. These organizations are led and grown by incredibly dedicated people who have tapped into the deeper meaning of life and are driven to improve the lives of others. But the structure behind a nonprofit organization can be complicated and starting an organization that is recognized by the state of New Jersey as not for profit is often time consuming.

Even in the midst of personal challenges, people have followed their passion to serve a greater good and the entire world is better for it. There is still a great need for new philanthropists to follow that drive to make a difference and we are here to guide you from right here in South Jersey.

From the initial planning stages of creating a nonprofit we can guide you in developing a solid foundation. Beginning with board composition, bylaws, incorporation and 501c3 recognition we know what you need to get started and can help you with the team building necessary to keep it going. We have the legal knowledge and personal understanding with nonprofits to help give you the guidance you need to begin your organization. As you grow, Schroeder Law Group can continue to help you focus fundraise and develop friendships to advance your work.

We become attorneys because we have a passion to help people and we find deep fulfillment in working with others who, rather than waiting until they have “arrived” in their journey, decided to move forward to help others as they continued along their path. As attorneys, we use our knowledge and understanding of the law to help nonprofits become established and create a path for growth and success.

We want to be the legal guide for your nonprofit organization. Your best next step is to us at 609-270-7590 or contact us to schedule your consultation.