Short Sale Program

The Schroeder Law Group works with homeowners, realtors and banks to take the stress out of the short sale process. Whether you are underwater in your mortgage, facing foreclosure or are considering a short sale as an option; our experienced team of attorneys can offer the guidance you need at a price you can afford. As short sale specialists located in South Jersey, we will explain in straightforward terms, how to navigate the complicated legal issues facing you and help you to develop a clear path for moving forward.

We specialize in helping homeowners “hit the reset button” and begin anew with a strategy to re-establish credit so they can purchase a new home, plan for retirement and confidently move forward with a clear, financially sound plan.  Trust in the Schroeder Law group for advice you can trust. There is life after a short sale, Contact Us now or click below to learn more.

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Are you considering a short sale? As a licensed real estate agent and attorney, Jim Schroeder began specializing in short sales as a way to help distressed homeowners in Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester and Burlington counties before a home falls into foreclosure. Our attorneys at Schroeder Law Group are dedicated to helping you find your financial footing. Do you want to learn more about the short sale process so that you can make the decision that is best for you and your family?  Click below to read an overview of what a short sale is and how it affects you or contact us.

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As the saying goes: “Home is where the heart is.” Schroeder Law Group understands the traumatic repercussions of losing a family home. The foreclosure process can be taxing on your mind and emotions making it difficult to find a clear path amongst the stress and distractions. We will provide you with the information you need to confidently move forward. During a one-hour consultation, one of our attorneys will outline your options for finding a stable financial footing. Schroeder Law Group can be your guide. To begin learning about the short sale process, click below for information or contact us.

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In addition to serving as a licensed attorney, Jim Schroeder is also a certified real estate agent in New Jersey. As a realtor and the owner of a short sale property, Schroeder understands how difficult the short sale process can be; not just for the owners but for the agents as well. Schroeder Law Group works with real estate agents, brokers and companies to provide consultation and guidance through a short sale. Our attorneys have worked with agents throughout South Jersey to provide answers to difficult questions and solutions to the hardest problems. Click below to learn more or contact us.