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For homeowners considering a short sale or just beginning the short sale process the first questions we often receive is: “Where do I begin?”

A short sale means that the proceeds from selling a property will fall short of what is owed against the property because the property owner cannot afford to repay the full amount of the lien. The short sale occurs when the lien-holder agrees to release their lien in exchange for less than the amount of debt owed.

Our goal at Schroeder Law Group is to eliminate the stress and anxiety that comes with a short sale. We are here to help you make a plan to hit the reset button, take action and avoid foreclosure before it negatively affects your credit and your financial future.

Because short sales are unique, it is impossible for a homeowners to learn the best steps forward for their particular situation from the Internet. However, we have created a resource of information to help educate sellers, buyers and realtors about the realities and complexities of the short sale program.

We have established a process to help homeowners hit the reset button and avoid foreclosure. The first step is to contact us for a $250, one-hour consultation. During this time, one of our attorneys will speak with you one-on-one to understand your unique case. We will talk to you about your options so you can confidently move forward with a plan in place to rebuild your credit and even purchase a home in the future. After this consultation, there is no obligation to retain Schroeder Law Group or any of its attorneys. There are no pressured sales pitches or upsales.

Our goal is to take one hour of your time to listen to your unique situation and provide options for finding a path forward. With this consideration and armed with the correct information, thousands of dollars and years of bad credit can be avoided.