short sale at schroeder law group

Schroeder Law Group is dedicated to helping homeowners and realtors navigate the short sale process through education and consultation.

Attorney Jim Schroeder began his career as a short sale specialist when he purchased a family home in Atlantic County through a short sale. Since then, Schroeder Law Group has guided distressed South Jersey homeowners and realtors through a process of understanding their options and finding the best path to move forward.

The Schroeder Law Group understands all too well the anxiety and stress dealing with short sales. Unfortunately, many distressed homeowners become so intimidated and discouraged with the process that they never contact a professional attorney or realtor before their home falls into foreclosure.

Delaying the process does more than just destroy a person’s financial well being but it can also take its toll on relationships, physical and mental health. The foreclosure process id long, public and debilitating and our attorneys will do everything in their power to ensure you do not become another victim.

In addition to the free information that is provided on this site, a one-hour, $250 consultation with one of our attorneys answers many of the questions homeowners and realtors have about short sales. There is no obligation to retain our firm or our attorneys after this meeting. However this learning process will help you understand the benefits of a short sale:

  • A win for the seller who gets out from under a situation they can no longer manage.
  • A win for the buyer who gets a house they love at a price which creates instant or quickly builds equity in comparison to the competitive market.
  • A win for the lenders and investors who, while taking a loss, recoup as much of their investment as possible through the knowledge that they received the highest and best offer for the property without the added cost and delay of foreclosure.

For information or to schedule your one-hour consultation, click here.